Friday, 27 December 2019

2019 Tough times.... #2020smilesbetter

So my little blog is now a year old!

Saying that, I have been very quiet the second half of this year regards to blog posts. Life events have taken over...specifically relating to jobs. We both no longer work for our local motorhome dealer....we both received threat of redundancy letters on 13th August and life hasn’t been the same since!

I got another job very quickly and then hated ended up jobless anyway! My hubby was forced out of his job due to ‘wrong wording in an advert' and a couple of other very minor misdemeanours  which the business director very cleverly jumped on and dismissed him to avoid any redundancy rumours sticking to her or her business.... we are seeking legal advice. And well that business is just a ticking time bomb really!

This however has not affected our love of everything relating to motorhomes. We have managed to have 40 nights away this year, and in some truly stunning places in Scotland and Wales.

We are currently parked up at St Abbs harbour, where you can park up for £10 a night. The harbour is stunning with rocky views and a lovely fishing village. We have a sheltered spot overlooking the sea and there is also toilets available....which is handy when you’re keen to avoid filling up your toilet cassette too quickly!

We are planning on heading south tomorrow to explore more of the north east England coastline....the forecast is good too!

We are sitting cozy in our mh, listening to the Radio, playing board games and eating xmas choices.....perfection! #2020smilesbetter

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