Sunday, 7 July 2019

Motorhoming on prescription?

Since we have returned from our fabulous Welsh adventure, life has been somewhat stressful for one reason or another.

I find it particularly hard to cope with stress at times, especially when dealing with others, with emotional issues. I take things very personally and then end up in a downwards spiral of negativity  which ends up with me doubting everything, from my relationships to my abilities.

I wouldn't say I have depression, but I think everyone is on that spectrum of mental wellness somewhere, and its very easy to slide up and down, which is why we should always treat others with respect & many people are fighting struggles that you know nothing about!

Recently I have heard about GPs prescribing ‘Nature Prescriptions’ for patients suffering with depression & anxiety. I think this is fantastic.....I'm not sure how it works, but if it encourages and/or enables someone to appreciate the great outdoors, it can only be a positive measure.

This weekend I was feeling pretty low. We had planned a trip away in our Motorhome which I was looking forward to, but was still struggling to raise a smile.....even a bunch of flowers from my eldest son and a visit from my beautiful granddaughter, whilst very appreciated, failed to lift me out of my pit of doom.

Early Saturday night we set off north in our home away from home, our wonderful Motorhome, and parked up for the night at a spot we have stayed at twice before, Littleferry in Golspie. We had eaten before we left home, so when we got there all we had to do was enjoy our surroundings.

This spot is on the Northeast shore of Loch Fleet which is a Nature Reserve and is abundant in wildlife.  Whilst it doesn’t have the grandiose views of the west coast, it is simply stunning and incredibly peaceful. Whilst we were walking down from where we had parked towards Golspie beach, I could feel myself relaxing and all my stresses floating away.

To be somewhere else, not having to return home that day, and to still have all my home comforts around me was just what I needed.

After a peaceful nights sleep, I woke refreshed at about 8.30am, just threw on some clothes and took the dog for a walk. It was a beautiful morning, and again so peaceful.

After breakfast we headed north to Duncansby Head.....puffins are on my photographic bucket(t) list and I hoped to capture some today.

It was a bit blowy at the top of Scotland but the sun was out and it wasn't too cold. We followed the path along the clifftops until we got to the viewpoint where you can see all down one cliff face.

I was scouring the ledges and crevices for the colourful beaked bird.....all I could see was Guilliemots! But then my eye caught a pair of orange beaks! A pair of puffins in amongst what must have been a thousand Guilliemots & seagulls! The sounds and smells coming from the cliffs were very overpowering....nature at its very best!

After taking several photos, and pointing them out to a delighted American family, we carried on walking until we could see the full beauty of the Duncansby Stacks....which are amazing pillars just off the shore and also home to many more seabirds.

When we got back to our motorhome....we relaxed in our lounge...stress gone completely! At that moment I felt refreshed and ready to face life's ups and downs more positively again.

This is why nature prescriptions should be handed out far quicker than anti-depressants!

We still had another night left before we had to return home. Driving back south we took a turning that I had spotted earlier on whilst driving north. Reiss sands & golf course. At the end of the road we found the most perfect park up spot for the night. Reiss beach is stunning, and with views of  Ackergill Tower, Castle Girnigoe and Noss head lighthouse, we enjoyed yet another evening stroll.

I love it when we discover a new place to park feels like we have just discovered a new country!

Home tomorrow, and a newly focussed, more positive person will be returning.

Hopefully it wont be too long before our next adventure....I wonder if my GP could prescribe it for me!


  1. Just the ticket. Love up there. I felt the same before our recent trip to Stonehaven, Banff and Hopeman. Felt better being away, especially by the coast

    1. Yes! Cant beat being close to the sea! The coastline of scotland is truly stunning. We love Hopeman too...the walk along the coast from there is amazing 🤗