Friday, 7 June 2019

Our Welsh Adventure...Day 6....Laverbread & cockles!

Tonight we have the perfect park up spot.

After a very wet day around Swansea doing the National Waterfront Museum (another free entry one) and then Swansea Market, we drove further round the Gower peninsula to Mumbles.

We are parked up close to Mumbles pier, in a car park which is overlooking the seafront and has views all the way around the bay from Mumbles to Swansea to Port Talbot and even to Porthcawl.

The weather hasn’t been the best today, but we did have a dry couple of hours to have a lovely walk along the seafront.

There is plenty of space here and there is another 3 MHs parked up. At end of the car park there is an Italian Cafe/restaurant with public toilets nearby. At the other end you can walk down to the pier to more cafes, restaurants & bars.

Tonight the pier is busy with people fishing the high tide. They are brave as the rain has just started chucking it down again...they have caught a few fish though (and put them all back!)

I think the highlight of my day was walking around Swansea Indoor Market. It's so similar to Cardiff market...the sights and the sounds and the array of local produce to buy.

I had lunch of lamb cawl (a type of soup made to a welsh recipe)....hubby wasn’t so adventurous and opted for a chicken burger!

What I loved was hearing all the Welsh accents... they reminded me of how Welsh I was when I moved to the Western Isles...and how quickly I tried to get rid of my accent because no one could understand me! No one likes to be different when they are 14......but now...34 years later I feel right at home....back in Wales 💖. I guess you can take the girl out of the valleys...but you cant take the valleys out of the girl!

To complete the day we bought Laverbread (welsh seaweed) and cockles....I cooked them for our dinner tonight with bacon....very tasty....hubby was adventurous this time...and ate the lot!

Tomorrow we are exploring more of the Gower peninsula....and the weather forecast tells me that the sun is going to shine!

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