Monday, 3 June 2019

Our Welsh adventure......Day 2

Day 2 started with us negotiating some very narrow lanes to drive from Arnside back to the M6. We drove though a couple of lovely villages which looked like they were from the set of Emmerdale!

We were on the road early, so stopped at a service station to cook our bacon rolls and let the rush hour traffic reduce before we tackled the M6 through Preston.

The motorway traffic wasn't too bad really (well from what I remember between dozes!)

By the time we reached the A40 which took us over the border into Wales, the roads were empty!

Our first stop was Abergavenny. We decided not to bother going to Cardiff...even though it is 'home', we didn't want the stress of trying to find somewhere to park the MH, and thought a busy city wouldn't be much fun for TJ.

My last visit to Abergavenny was probably when I was I remembered nothing about it. For me it was just nice to walk around and hear all the welsh accents!

It's a nice little town, with lots of independent shops, places to eat and a market which sadly wasnt open today! It is open tomorrow though, so we have the option to return.

Our park up spot for tonight is on the hill overlooking Abergavenny, before you drop down to Blaenavon....where the Big Pit National Coal Museum is. That might well feature in our plans for tomorrow too!

This spot is next to a pond and has stunning views with some lovely walks along the hill tops. The road was busy earlier on, but now at 10.30pm all is quiet.

Tomorrows plans are to enjoy the area a bit more...and a bit less driving than the past 2 days....but we can relax now, we are in Wales and dont need to drive any great distances until it's hometime!

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