Saturday, 15 June 2019

Our Welsh 13......farewell Wales!

Sadly our trip has almost come to an end! What an amazing 2 weeks we've had! Wales has far exceeded our expectaions.....and my memories!

Everyone we met has been friendly & helpful....and there has been no problem in finding places to park up.

The last night in Wales was spent near Llangollen......

Pontcysyllte Aquaduct Car Park in Trevor....just about 5 miles out of Llangollen. The spot was perfect, there were a few other MHs, toilets that opened at 7am.....and even a chemical disposal point! We had no problems staying here and had lovely walks along the canal.....or the aquaduct if you're brave enough.

After we braved the scary aquduct, we drove into Llan (as the locals call it) and actually bought some breakfast....first time we've done that on this trip!

We then walked along the canal to Horseshoe Falls and the start of the canal.
It was a lovely walk.....and a lovely warm day!

We walked past a Motor Museum....we will come back here one day....there is so much to see in the area!

On theway back we stopped at Berwen station to catch a train back to Llan....sadly it was the steam trains day off, but it was still a lovely train ride. It probably would have been better to catch the train to Berwyn...and then walk back to Llan....saves waiting about for the train!

Back in Llan we done some shopping....we bought a few souvenirs and some oggies for our tea that night! An oggie is a type of welsh pasty. I chose lamb & mint and hubby chose welsh rarebit. It was evident from the raging river how much rain had fallen on the previous days!

We then said oursad farewells to Llan....and Wales and drove North via the Horseshoe Pass.

The roads north were quiet and we made it to Scotland before bedtime!

We parked up near Loch Maben, a nice little spot, not too far from the M74. There was a bit of road noise late....and was the rain that woke me at 4am though! Next stop Inverness! (And yes, the oggies were really tasty!)

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