Thursday, 13 June 2019

Our Welsh 12... yet another change of plans

We've done that a lot during this holiday....change our plans...

Saying that, we didn't have any definite plans for today. Tomorrow we were planning on heading north so we could be back in Inverness on Saturday night.

It was blustery on the cliff top when we woke at Nash Point, so we decided just to drive round the coast a bit more....the weather was a bit miserable though.

I came up with the idea to visit Castle Coch, being as we didn't get there in time last week when we drove up through the valleys. Today we had plenty of time and enjoyed our visit!

We were then planning on staying around the monmouth area....when I had my second good idea of the day....why not drive north was only 5pm, and we could stop the night in Llangollen which would give us most of tomorrow to explore the area.

So tonight...after a 3 hour drive...we are parked up by the Pontcysyllte aquaduct on the Llangollen canal! As we drove through the town, the river looked full and raging! Looking forward to taking lots of photos tomorrow....there is so much to see and do here 😁


  1. Hi my dad loved the Llangollen area as he had a canal boat moored at Chirk Mariner it's definitely the way ahead to do Campervan adventures and recording them in a blog is great idea, I'm doing similar but tracking an illness which is not curable its for life, it will give others an insight on how to deal with it and what to expect and the travel Blogs do just that for people starting out on similar ventures, they inspire and inform, keep up the good work "keep making memories" ���� regards James

  2. Thank you James 😁 please send me a link to your blog, i would love to read it!🤗