Thursday, 13 June 2019

Our Welsh Adventure....Day 11....A lazy day with a trip down memory lane!

We started the morning by taking the short drive from Merthyr Mawr to Ogmore-by-sea.

Our park up spot last night was perfect....but we quite often like to move on somewhere else to have breakfast. The car park we drove to was perfect. It is a pay & display, but you can park till 11pm for £6. There are notices saying that any vehicles caught staying overnight will have to pay £45, although I'm not too sure how they enforce it. There were toilets that were opened early maybe that person also issues a fine.

The car park was overlooking the beach at Ogmore-by-sea. It is a dog friendly beach and was busy with dog walkers after 9am. It has plenty of spaces to park and has lovely views.

We walked along the beach and explored the unusual rock pools formed by ancient sedimentary rocks. After our walk we had breakfast....and just relaxed! While it was a little chilly was toasty and warm in the MH...and we had everything that we needed.

My grandparents used to come here a lot...I thought how much they would have enjoyed having tea in the comfort of the MH....not having to juggle a flask on their knees in the front of their car.

A lot of this welsh adventure has been tracing the footsteps of places I had been before when I was a young girl. Happy family times in lovely places 💗💗💗  it was so good to be able to share all these with my hubby 💗💗💗

I think it's so important to create memories for your children, as my parents done for me.....I just hope that I've done it enough for my children....It's probably only now that I truly appreciate those times that my parents ‘dragged’ me up the Brecon Beacons....and along many Welsh beaches.

When my children were little I was busy trying to stop them arguing and provide for them as a single parent...but hopefully I did create enough happy memories! But now we have the chance to do this for our baby granddaughter who is only 1 month old....and our nephew who is 5 years old. We want to create the memories for them....not just buy them material things....they get enough of that from others anyway. Memories that are special...and unique 💗💗💗

Back to our lazy day today....we drove on a short distance to Nash Point...another place I came to often, probably about 35-40 years ago now! This is the first time I have been back since I moved to Scotland.

I was thoughtful as I was driving down here....would it be just as I remembered? Well it was exactly the same...the cliffs are just as stunning...and scary when you are parked at the top. My mum was always terrified that my younger brother would get too close to the edge...not me though...I was the good child! Ha-ha!

The lighthouses seemed smaller, the road seemed wider and the walk down to the beach didn't seem so long....I guess I'm just older.

We asked the cafe owner about parking up for the night. He said no problem! It is a service he provides to mh/campervans. You pay £10 a night....there is a huge grassy area in which you can park...and also have use of the toilets overnight after he has gone home. The parking area is gated, so there is no chance of getting disturbed by other cars. You can top up with fresh water and the views are also amazing!

I wish other places would offer this service instead of banning mh/campervans! It could be a way of raising funds to upgrade facilities...and of course it will bring more customers to local shops.

The Clifftop Cafe has a facebook page, and I can definitely recommend staying here!

I've had so many days out here in my younger to be able to stay here the night is just perfect!

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