Thursday, 6 June 2019

Day 5 o our Welsh Adventure.....Pizza? Not tonight!

Tonight we are on a was time to empty and refill and I really needed to blow dry & straighten my hair! I washed it in the van 2 days ago....but my gas straighteners don’t quite do the job! I swear if blow drying and straightening hair was a ‘man thing’...someone would have thought of a solution to do this whilst wild camping!

I don’t particularly like staying on sites....there are rules! I’m on holiday....I don’t want rules! I just want to relax and not worry about breaking some rule or etiquette!

Also when you stay on a pay. So you have some expectations about what is provided. When you wild camp you have no expectations....and if you don’t like where you are, you can just move to a different spot! Simples!

The site we chose is a very nice site near Porthcawl in South Wales. We arrived early...about 12 noon. We were shown where to park. As we never need to use levellers, we don’t carry any....we just make sure we are level and don't want to use vital storage space carrying great chunks of plastic which will probably be dirty  . We have been completely level for the past 4 nights wild camping. Our pitch tonight is not hubby will probably be rolling into me all night.

I quickly used the facilities and spotted a notice for wood fired pizzas being available to order tonight. Being as I had cooked the past 4 nights, i thought this would be nice. I also noted that there was a laundry, which would also be handy.

We went out for the afternoon to Newton....a beach I used to go to often when I was younger. It was lovely and sunny....and warm. We also visited Porthcawl....another place I went to often in my childhood. We picked up a few provisions....luckily I thought to buy something for dinner....just in case the pizzas didn't happen......well yes, you guessed back to the site and the reception was all locked up. I looked back at the definitely said ‘wood fired pizzas tonight 5pm -7.30pm. I checked on turns out that this was an old poster and the pizzas are only available on certain dates!

Hubby was looking forward to pizza, so I thought I would order one.....nope...they did not deliver to this address. Pizza was not meant to happen tonight!

I then thought I would put on a load of washing only to discover that the laundry was locked early! It was about 7pm and I had read it was locked at 9pm!

On top of all this...we are on a grass had been raining and they had recently cut the grass! So our van that we had swept out yesterday is now full of cut grass! And the ususal having to keep your dog on a lead at all times!

But that said....the showers were clean and warm...and the site was nice and quiet.

Back to wild camping tomorrow!

Here's some photos of the beach!

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