Saturday, 4 May 2019

999 emergency!

Would you just look at this gorgeous little face!

This is TJ....our fur baby, a 2 year old cocker spaniel, who comes everywhere with us.

Well 30 minutes before this photo was taken, he gave us the fright of our lives....

We are parked up at Burghead for a cheeky one nighter away in the MH, and we went for a walk before we cooked our dinner.

We walked up over the stunning viewpoint on the headland and down to the harbour the other side.

I decided not to walk to end of the pier as it was slippery...but hubby did with TJ.

That is the last time TJ ever goes on a pier without being on his lead!

He got too close to the slopey side of the pier wall, right at the end...and slipped all the way down into the water!

Hubby shouted to alert me....poor TJ was frantically swimming along the bottom of the pier to find a way up...he was whimpering and very scared....we had no option to call the coastguard whilst I was screaming on the top of my voice for help.

Its fair to say I was completely distraught!

Luckily some people came to help....who could think a lot clearer than us! They got TJ to swim to a set of steps....a helper held on to hubbys belt, so he could reach down and help TJ out of the water.

Thankfully TJ bounded up the steps, soaking wet and cold....but tail wagging....and I have never been so relieved!

Overall he was in the water for about 15-20 minutes....we are so lucky nothing worse happened....and thankful to the people who came to help.

We cancelled the coastguard, although they turned up just as we were walking back up the pier...they were relieved that no one had tried to go into the water to save him....I think if he had dissapeared under the water at all, and had not been swimming, I would have found it hard to stop myself!

We went back to the MH, put the heating on full, and wrapped our little boy in 3 blankets to stop him shivering and get his temperature back to normal. He ate loads and is now fast asleep.

I don’t know who will be having the worst nightmares tonight!
TJ will be staying on the lead on piers....or anywhere else dangerous in just happened so quickly!

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  1. How awful! Glad all turned out well, though ��