Saturday, 9 March 2019

Live every every day....

How many of you can name the group singing this CD we were listening to on our journey to Uig on Skye today?

The lyrics are so very true and really hit home to me as we were driving along the A87.....I’ve sung along many times as a teenager, and never actually gave the words another thought....

Live every moment
Love every day
'Cause before you know it
Your precious time slips away

We both have a long weekend off from off we go on our travels!

Increasingly we are finding that we view our house as the place where we store our ‘stuff'....the place where we sleep in between days at work. However, where we do our actual living, is in the motorhome and wherever that takes us!

This weekend we are going to North Uist to visit my parents. We still decided to travel moho style as we can be sure of having all our home comforts around us.....whether we get stuck on Uig pier due to ferry delays, or if we decide to visit one of the many gorgeous beaches. We will always be able to put the kettle on, sleep, watch tv, put our feet up and relax, or get changed if we get soaked! Travelling in the van, is completely travelling in can't beat it!

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