Monday, 25 February 2019

The NC381.......

 Shouldn't that be the NC500 you might be thinking??? Well here's maybe why not.....

"I have 5 days off work next week. Is that enough time to do the NC500?"
"How long do I need to do the NC500?"
"Tell me what I should see on the NC500"
"Is there a map of the NC500?"
"What route does the NC500 follow?"

If you are planning any sort of NC500 trip...then you might have thought some of these questions...or have read other people asking on the many NC500 groups that are on facebook.

So many people advise you need a certain amount of days...need to go a certain route...need to see certain places.

The truth is, you will never see all of the NC500....not in 3 days, 3 weeks and probably not 3 months!

We have just spent 3 days doing one of our many versions of the NC500...we drove 381 miles and despite having done the north coast many times before, we still found new places to visit and new things to see.

If you only have 3 days, then go for it! Don't let anyone put you off...just enjoy your experience.

Everyone will experience it completely differently. The NC500 should be your own personal experience of connecting with the wonderful beauty of the North Coast of Scotland.

If you wish to bike it, walk it, drive it, do it in a motorhome, motorbike, car or campervan....its your experience! Just remember to be respectful of locals, other road users and nature & wildlife as you go.

If you want to see castles, lochs, mountains, beaches, lighthouses, cafes, restaurants, harbours, or the open road....there is no right or wrong.  You decide what you would like to see, then plan your route....leaving room for a little flexibility.

Every time we go, we always make a list of places to go to next time....and the list isn't getting any shorter!

Just go and experience it 💜 your way, in your time...and above all enjoy it and create some amazing memories!

Here are just some of our photos from this trip. You can see more on instagram @rachie_bee_2015

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