Saturday, 23 February 2019

Lying in bed...

It's after midnight, but cant get to sleep just yet.... today the wind has been blowing strong it was a struggle to breathe at times....that's if I could fight my way out of my hair wrapped around my face.....but right now its flat calm outside....

We are parked up at Keoldale...its where the ferry goes from to go across to Cape Wrath. It's a lovely quiet spot, with a stunning view (in the daylight)

We went outside to let Tj out for his last pee and it was pitch black....all we could see was stars! We could hear the sea, so took the torch out, just to check we wouldn't be in any danger of getting washed away in the night! As you can see, the tide was out when we arrived.

So lying here in bed now.....all I can hear is the sea gently lapping below us....what a lovely noise to fall asleep to....whilst tucked up in a toasty warm bed ❤❤❤

I'm still not sure which direction to go in tomorrow. We had decided to head south and follow the road towards Ullapool BUT we have done every inch of the west coast many times......and there was a few beaches we passed today, that I am really tempted to go back to.

I guess we will just see in the morning. After breakfast......bacon rolls tomorrow. Here's the pancakes from this morning.

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