Thursday, 14 February 2019

Dinner for 3

Today was another one of those days.... Hubby was working and I had the day was also valentines day.

After being together for 9 years, we don't feel the need to join the masses in over paying for a 'love themed' meal, just because it's valentines day....what better way to celebrate than for me to meet hubby, after work and have a 3 course meal ready for dining in the moho!

I spent the afternoon with TJ at Hopeman Beach, which was quite lovely... It was actually 14 degrees... Not bad at all for February! I then drove to Nairn... At 5.30pm it was still daylight (just) and with being a mild, calm day, there were lots of people enjoying the last minutes of daylight and we we enjoyed a leisurely stroll before tucking into seafood and paella.

What a lovely evening! We must do this more in the summer.... Take full advantage of the longer days....and having a motorhome! 😁 😁

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