Sunday, 17 February 2019

An afternoon adventure

Thanks to our lovely little doggy TJ, we were awake early this morning. By lunchtime we had all the housework done and decided to go out in the van for a wee adventure.

We packed our dinner in the van, so we could stay out and eat whenever we felt hungry.

We chose a road that we hadn't been on went up the hills above Cannich and alongside the River Cannich up to the dam at Loch Mullardoch.

The road is about 9 miles long from Cannich and is single track all the way. It is stunningly beautiful and rugged all the way along...and today after the snow melt and heavy rain, it was very wet all around. The river was full and racing alongside the road. All the trees, bracken and moss created a wonderful pallet of colours. We made a mental note to come back here in the autumn.

On reaching the car park at the end of the road we were greeted by the stunning view along the loch.....the car park isnt huge, but it is level and big enough for 2 vans to park comfortably & safely.  There is more space closer to the small power station and this might be more sheltered when its wild.

The heavens opened as soon as we parked up, so we just sat and relaxed until it stopped.

After about an hour, we were rewarded with sunshine and blue skies and we went for a stroll.

We could see from the map that there was also a car park over the other side of the dam, so we drove there for a look. There was 2 car parks there, both more sheltered, but without a water view. There is also a track here for a longer walk along the loch with stunning views of the snow dusted mountains.

We were gutted that we couldn't stay the night at this stunning spot (work tomorrow) but we will definitely be back another time.

We decided we didnt really want to drive back along this road in the dark, so drove back towards Cannich.....we met these 3 along the way....driving along whilst listening to Runrig's Cutter and the can't get much more of an awesome Highland experience than this!
We stopped at urquhart castle car park on the way home and cooked steak and chips for our dinner.

I couldn't resist taking some more photos.....yet another fab adventure!
Next weekend we have a long weekend. We cant wait to be away for a couple of nights in our 'second home' ❤