Saturday, 9 February 2019

38 days........

38 days since we last had a night away in the van! 38 long days!

We did plan a weekend away 2 weeks ago....but the weather was so bad, we would have been better going away in a cancelled our plans.

I did however take advantage of a lovely sunny day off last week and took the van, and TJ to Nairn.

It was such a perfect day off.....I popped into Inverness for a bit of retail therapy and to pick up a few goodies for a wee picnic...then headed off to the lovely Nairn Beach.

With the warm sunshine bringing everyone out, it was quite busy....but the car park is plenty big enough for parking a 6m motorhome.

I fell in love with my van all over again last Thursday....I walked along the beach with TJ....took some photos while he ran about and splashed in the sea,  and then went back to the van.

I put the heating on, put the kettle on and just relaxed......nothing to do but housework......just a latte, a bar of galaxy and feet up in the sunshine. Perfection!

Of course I could have gone to Nairn in the car.....but it would have been a different afternoon.

Here's a few photos from my perfect afternoon......

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  1. coming to join April, that would be 5 months since our big European tour on 2018. Looking forward to it.