Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A change of plan

What a day we had yesterday! We started off at the Castlecary campsite...all emptied and refilled for the next 3 days before we have to return home.
We still didn’t know where to spend the night to see in the new year.

We started off with a drive down to the Isle of Whithorn, via Wigtown.

The isle of whithorn is a lovely wee village. They are more than happy for vans to park up, there is also a toilet that was open....and a water supply should you need to top up. There is also a nice wee walk out to the headland with views over to the Isle of Man and a commemorative plaque for those who died on the Solway Harvester disaster in January 2000.
There was a big bonfire in the progress of being built, no doubt for Hogmanay celebrations later on...it was tempting to stay there...but there was other places we still wanted to visit and it was too early in the day to park up.

We headed on round the coast, stopping briefly at Port William and then decided to head into the Galloway Forest. We followed the road to New Galloway and didn’t really see anywhere that we wanted to park up, so ended up heading to Kirkcudbright.

By this time it was dark.....it's so much harder to find a space to park up in the dark! We tried a few of the local recommended spots for parking up...but none of them appealed to us.  I think we have been spoiled by wild camping in the highlands!

We drove out to a few more places...but car parks on a slope, or muddy spots, or the town centre spot...just don’t do it for us!

We sat parked up in the town centre square and considered our options......whilst accompanied by ‘music’ booming out from a group of teenagers....who were obviously bored, as they were repeatedly thumping the bus shelter.....We were definitely not going to stay there and we were growing tired of the south west coast.

After doing the nc500 and the moray coast 250.....the swc300 was a bit disappointing. Maybe we set our expectations too high? Maybe it was because the weather was ‘grey’....I just knew that spending our last 3 days in this area did not excite me!

It was 8pm and I checked Google maps....in under 3 hours we could be in Fife and watch the Edinburgh fireworks across the firth. As we have previously toured fife....We knew exactly where to park up....and where we would enjoy spending the next couple of days.

By 11pm we were parked up in Burntisland.....a gorgeous spot behind the leisure centre, with stunning views out to sea and across the town seafront. There’s plenty of places to walk dogs too. When the leisure centre is open, I believe they are quite happy for you to use their facilities....handy for people in smaller vans.

Watching the fireworks across in Edinburgh was a perfect way to bring in the new year....and waking up to this view the next morning made our drive in the dark last night very worth it!

Today we walked the Burntisland Beach, Kirckaldy promenade (we just saw all the NY dookers trying to get warm and dry) and then parked up in the very lovely Elie at Ruby Bay. We have stayed here before, just recently in August.

Being 1st Jan, it was mobbed! A local pub was doing an outdoor BBQ....and it was a stunning day!

Luckily we got the same spot as last time to park up.....last time we were here we spent ages finding the perfect flat spot! (After watching a few people battle with levelling ramps, we decided not to bother with the hassle of them)

Anyway....here was our view tonight as the sun was setting.....stunning!

Tomorrow we are planning on stopping at St Monans for a visit.....such a gorgeous wee fishing village....getting chips in Anstruther....and then parking up at Kingsbarns beach.....we are really hoping that the Cheese Toasty Shack will be open! We really do love coming to Fife! ❤❤❤

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