Thursday, 20 December 2018

We're on the road to nowhere.....or maybe Tomatin

This trip out was only for a few hours, work commitments were proving to be a challenge.....but only a few hours away in the moho was such a wonderful  escape!
Time stretches.... a night away feels like a weekend.... a weekend feels like a week and as for a week......well you get the picture.

This particular Sunday we just had the afternoon & evening, so decided to stay local(ish) and just drive, park up, and cook some dinner.

We drove down the Tomatin Road and followed it all the way along the River Findhorn until we came to the car park I had identified on Google maps.....I spend a lot of time studying Google maps 😂

The car park would be perfect for a wee overnight stopover. It offers no services.....but complete solitude and amazing scenery. It was the short escape that we needed!

Here's a few photos inside of our van. It is a home from home, but even better than that! Just park up and relax...that's all we have to do....well we do have to turn the gas on for heating & cooking. But that really is it!

We weren't planning on getting the tv, but the van came with an aerial we got one just in is nice to have the option. But on nice evenings we are usually out walking TJ.

This trip we went for a walk along the valley after dinner....We put the heating on before we went out, so would go back to a toasty warm van 😍

Whilst we were walking, we felt as though we were being watched.....we looked up on the hill tops and saw loads of deer....all watching us! How amazing 😍
Not sure if you can make them out in this photo?

After a hot chocolate/biscuits we drove back to Inverness.
We decided to take a road that went up over the hill tops....What a road and what an adventure! We ended up coming out by the Farr wind farm over some seriously dodgy roads...We won't repeat that route again but will definitely go back to this secluded park up spot 😁

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