Thursday, 27 December 2018

Road Trip!

Do you know what one of the best things about going away in a motorhome/campervan is?

How much do you love road trips? Impulsive, relaxing, ‘let’s see where the road takes us' type of trips?

How often do you wish that you didn’t have to drive back along the road you just came.....or that you could just stay out and not go home.....and do it all again tomorrow?

That’s what it’s all about! The sense of freedom and excitement.....not knowing what’s around the next corner, or what tomorrow will bring. Just living in the moment......

Today we set off on our 7 day trip, we were delayed in leaving Inverness.....which means that we haven’t got a clue what the scenery around us looks like...We arrived in the dark...all we know is that we are by the sea, south of Dunoon.
Can’t wait to wake tomorrow and see! Tomorrow is also my birthday 😁 my first birthday spent in the moho.

Tomorrow we are getting the ferry to Gourock and then heading south along the coast.

  • Today’s tunes were from Deacon Blue....Paul McCartney and Mumford
  • Miles driven today....206
  • Dinner was cooked in the moho....Quorn Korma with pilau rice & pershwari naan.....followed by mince pies and brandy cream....tomorrow night I want chips 😋😍😅
  • Today's lunch stop was at Glencoe.....stunning place ❤

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