Saturday, 29 December 2018

Lesson learned...

Last night was our 33rd night spent in our motorhome. The first 32 nights were peaceful....sometimes windy...but never any trouble.

That all changed the night we spent in Girvan! As I said last night, I found out about this place to park up through a Facebook group dedicated to Scottish motorhome wild camping. In the summer there has been as many as 25 vans on one night....too many for me, but maybe it was safety in numbers.

We parked up at about 6pm...there was already 2 other mohos and a campervan there, so all seemed ok. There was a couple of kids in cars....nothing out of the ordinary. So we went off in the search for our chippy tea.

The one that was closest to where we were parked was closed. So we walked up the high street...everything was closed! Apart from a betting shop and a pub. There were numerous people staggering and holding on to the walls to steady themselves....again none of our business really. We eventually found a chippy open!

The outside of the chippy stank and there was rubbish everywhere. When were walking back to the van with our suppers there was 2 groups of feral kids and then another further down the road.

Whilst eating our chips boy racers were booming music...We should have just decided to leave after we had eaten. Next time we will!

It had been quiet for a few hours, so we went to bed. We were woken up at 1am by music, shouting and what sounded like cars parked either side of us honking horns at each other.
We thought the little shites would soon get bored, so just tried to ignore them.
Then at 2am they upped the ante.....screaming, shouting and tapping on our windows.

We thought about calling the police, but thought that in reality, this would achieve nothing. They did eventually give up and go away.

At 7am I woke to hear a knocking on our window again....that might have been a dream though! Haha!

I got of the moho s had left.....the other had moved and was sitting with lights on and engine running. It was also blowing an absolute hoolie!
I decided to move the van to a more sheltered spot, and it seemed like the little shites had all gone home to sleep it off.

The moral of this story is...if we park up and don’t feel comfortable, we will just move!

After we had a few more hours sleep, we woke up to see the view....I think last night’s experience left me feeling very unenamoured with Girvan! We will never go back there!

We then drove on, stopping at stranraer....another place we will not rush back to!

We then found the gorgeous village of portpatrick. A stunning little fishing village with views across to northern Ireland. This is what we love...finding little gems in unexpected places. We decided to stay here the night ❤
Today’s tunes: The Beatles, no 1s
Tonight’s dinner: Moroccan quorn, bulgar wheat & veggies....amazing one pot easy meal 😉
Miles driven today: 37
Fingers crossed for a better night's sleep tonight 😁

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