Friday, 28 December 2018

It's the simple things.....

Well here’s the view we woke up to this morning....well not exactly....I woke at about 8.30am...the street lights were still on and the view I was hoping for was covered in mist.
I let TJ out for a wee, and made some freshly cooked pancakes (with bananas and toffee sauce...yummy)
By the time we had finished breakfast, the sun was starting to break through the clouds and it had stopped raining! Here’s the views we eventually saw.....stunning!

We then drove back into dunoon to buy our ferry tickets across to gourock . The tickets are much cheaper to buy in the local shops than on the ferry itself....hugely cheaper!
While I was in the shop another customer kindly advised me which tickets I would need and asked me where we were heading....I told him that we were just heading south. Both the customer and the shop assistant were very friendly. Also the views across to the Argyll mountains were stunning in the morning sunshine....showing us what we missed when we drove across them in the dark last night.

 We will definitely come back to this area and sat planning another trip whilst we were on the ferry. Scotland is so beautiful and stunning, we always lack time, not ideas or inspiration!

After the ferry across, we started the road south. We stopped at Largs, which was full of people leisurely walking along the promenade in the sunshine.....such a gorgeous afternoon.

Next stop was Troon, we stopped to take photos of the sunset.

We drove onto to our planned stop for the night Girvan Harbour.....and a chip shop 😁
This stop over spot was recommended by the Facebook group I follow....Scottish motorhome we drove down the A77, as it dropped down in to Turnberry, what a view we got of Ailsa Craig in the very near almost looked like a cloud! I cant wait to wake up and see the view in the morning ❤

Today’s tunes: Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell/Fleetwood Mac, rumours  & queen, bohemian rhapsody.
Tonight’s dinner: chip supper, followed by a hotel chocolate selection and Baileys 😁
Tonight’s entertainment: we still didn’t feel like watching tv, so played scrabble.
Miles driven today: 75 miles
How many years old I am today?......48 😁 life just does get better the older you get....or maybe you just learn to take pleasure out of life more? I wouldn’t change a thing ❤

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