Sunday, 23 December 2018

It's all in the planning

Although having a motorhome with all the luxuries of solar power, toilet, shower, heating etc does give you the freedom to go wherever the road takes do still kinda need to plan for wild/freedom camping trips.

It's good to have a variety of options when it comes to parking up. We always go by our rules of:

  • Don't park up near an existing's just rude
  • Don't park up where people can look out of their front room window and see you cooking your bacon rolls....again it's rude!
  • If there is already a number of mohos/vans parked up, then look for another spot....we don't want to deprive locals of a parking spot at their local beach/beauty spot.
  • We always leave no trace! No dog poo...
  • We always try to shop local wherever we park up for the contributes to the local economy.... and we get to sample some very tasty local delights!
  • Every 3 or 4 nights we plan to stop at a empty our toilet, take on fresh water and top up the electricity (especially in the winter when the solar panel has limited hours of daylight to to its stuff) 
  • We also never stay more than one night. We arrive early evening and leave in the morning.
What we get from wild/freedom camping is the freedom.....the unobstructed views....and the lack of rules that campsites usually have. (Usually to do with dogs)

Since we've had our van, we have only stayed on a campsite twice....they were lovely....but not quite the same as the feeling you get wild camping. 

To help with planning our trips, I study Google maps/Google earth to identify possible places. There is also a fab Facebook group dedicated to Scottish motorhome wildcampers, they have a map with lots of information on where you can stop and top up. I also I use apps such as 'search for sites' and park4night' ......both very useful!

We have our next trip coming up in a couple of days's our planned route for 7 days....I will of course share the details of our look out for updates as we travel....from 27th December 🚙😎👍❤😁🤩 I really can't wait!